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Usually, after a bold statement like Naga's, the worst happens shortly after. But that's just the mentality of an Instant Gratification culture. Actually, the worst would be happening a little later on. Life doesn't always follow dramatic timekeeping schedules.
At the moment, something just sort of neutral was going on a few miles away in the kingdom of Sailoon. Amelia, being In Cog Nee To, was trying to break into her own country.
She had experienced a lot of adventures in her time, and plenty of times to expound a little justice onto the wrongdoers of the world. But now she was having a few doubts. After all, this was Sailoon; her home, her cradle of life, soon to be her papa's kingdom. Should she really be trying to climb the wall and sneak in? It didn't feel... proper. But Lina-san had been going on about How Not to be Seen, and Amelia took good notes. So here she was, zipping from bush to bush, behind rocks, and finally scaling the wall. She didn't even use magic, so as not to alarm any magicians in the area. Silent was her method; untraceable her goal.
At the top of the wall she stepped on a loose brick and fell ten feet to the ground on the other side with a resounding WHAM.
Immediately, the six guards who were on duty at the gate not a stone's throw away leapt to her aid, metal armor clanking enough to sound like a kitchen stove rolling down a mountain.
"Princess Amelia! Are you alright?!" they asked simultaneously.