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Pratchett Уф, дочитал Snuff. Существенно больше экшена чем обычно, но фирменный юмор также присутствует в больших количествах.
шедевр Pratchett ‘Indeed, sir, that is the case, but one must consider the fact ofheredity .’ Willikins produced a small
brush and whisked a speck of dirt off the coat before putting it on a hanger, then went on, ‘I do feel the
absence of a parent sometimes and I have wondered whether it might be a sensible idea to go along to
the cemetery at Small Gods and shout out, “Dad, I’m going to be a copper,” and then see which
gravestone revolved, sir.’
quote Pratchett "They were aristocrats,you see?
Aristocrats don’t notice philosophical conundra. They just ignore them. Philosophy includes
contemplating the possibility that you might be wrong, sir, and a real aristocrat knows that he isalways
right. It’s not vanity, you understand, it’s built-in absolute certainty. They may sometimes be as mad as a
hatful of spoons, but they are always definitely and certainly mad.’"
цитата Pratchett "You told me I ought to listen to the voice of the people. Odd thing, ain't it...
you meet people one at a time, they seem decent, they got brains that work, and then they get together and
you hear the voice of the people. And it snarls.'
'That's mob rule!'
'Oh, no, surely not,' said Vimes. 'Call it democratic justice.'
'One man, one rock,' Detritus volunteered. "
цитата Pratchett 'The trouble is,' said Mr Boggis, 'that the job makes people mad. You take some chap who's no worse
than any of us and after a few months he's talking to moss and having people flayed alive.'
'Vetinari isn't mad.'
'Depends how you look at it. No one can be as sane as he is without being mad.'
цитата Pratchett The clock in Lord Vetinari’s ante-room didn’t tick right. Sometimes the tick was just a fraction late, sometimes the tock was early. Occasionally, one or the other didn’t happen at all. This wasn’t really noticeable until you’d been in there for five minutes, by which time small but significant parts of the brain were going crazy.