I spent the last 4 days in an area with limited cell coverage and few open wifi hotspots. I learned that #xmpp works and works well in these conditions. Pump was worthless up there as it never loaded my stream, Impeller & the web browser worked about 1 time in ten. My xmpp client never missed a beat. xmpp even beat email under these conditions. I may setup an SN fed with xmpp support and be done with trying every new fangled social networking gizmo that comes down the pike.


He turns up the collar of his wool jacket as he walks out of the basement bar and up the small flight of steps that bring him to street level. He rounds the corner and leans on the iron railing that provides ludicrous safety by keeping the moderately drunk from falling from the street onto the basement level floor at the opening of the speakeasy. He fishes around in his pocket for his smokes. He pulls one out and puts it in his mouth as he scans the scene before him.

Not many people venture out in the dark of the night but the city never sleeps. The glow enhanced by the drizzly murk makes the world feel more ominous. Given enough time the drip...drip...drip... coming off of the gutters will drive anyone mad. The fog magnifies every sound. There a dog bark, over there a door slams shut, down the street a car splashes in a puddle. Every sound magnified. Every sound a mystery.

He strikes a match and lights his smoke, not so much out of a need for nicotine but as an act of defiance against the night. The dark doesn't scare him as much as it did but lately the shadows gave him clues to things that make the day as scary as the night.

He stands up from the railing, straightens his jacket, and saunters down the street. He pauses momentarily listening to the crash of a waste can falling over and then continues onward as the mist wraps him in seclusion. *sisoas <a2c3.co>