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Mastodon gab весь день читаю драму, избранные ржаки:
The problem is mastodon has some communists that did the programming and specifically did not allow posts to be quoted (and a couple other little things). Gab is working on adding these things as I said before... give it a little time.А вот взяли бы жуйк, вместо этого унылого гигабайта рубиговна, и не было бы такой проблемы!
Most Fediverse Instance (POD) Administrators will have blocked access to GAB, not because they really feel a need to, but because of intense Peer Pressure from Commie-Jews like Rochko. Да, похоже Женя и нас заблокирует скоро! Однако:
They still don't get it. The intent of using Mastodon was not to join "their" Fediverse but to create OUR Freeverse. They are free to isolate themselves from us. We don't want to join them.