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Илья упорно доказывал что hi-dpi экран не нужен и доблестно меня забанил за это, а теперь облизывается, хотя еще даже не видел его живьем. Илья, не бери ни в коем случае это гейство! Так и до синих смс докатишься!
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i'm arabian , and i hate the things jabber.ru xmpp server admins made in this last days
i recorded my desktop as video m when some one write arabic word in jabber.ru muc server make he write I'm arabic pig
you can join this muc and see


i'm lawyer and will send claim and Official objection to Russian embassy in Damascus , Cairo , Beirut and iraq

in the next 72 hours, if you not undo this actions
We will send complaints to embassies and TV stations and to the judiciary in Syria, Egypt, Russia, and a official apology to the Arabs and to apologize for anti-Semitic actions made by Jabber.ru admins , As You

We are waiting for a official apology and the return of Arab Chambers as was From tow Months to the owners by restoring a backup server to the situation two months ago
And wait for an official apology on the home page for your company by sponsoring Jabber.ru , and on jabber.ru Home page in Arabic ,Eng and Russian languages and announcement to all jabber.ru users.

less than that , you will see what arabic pig can do .