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poettering идиоты systemd В срачике по поводу gnome, тащащего systemd в debian:
<<* it breaks other users of cgroups. I have not tested this personally (mostly because of the above point), but if I understand it right, it takes over the whole cgroups system, requiring anything that runs on the same kernel instance to beg it via dbus to perform required actions. This might be possible to organize on a single system, but not really between multiple systems on the same kernel. Even if you run massive Rube Goldberg tricks (akin to those once needed for dbus inside a chroot), this is still doable only if you run the same version both in host and guests. And I for one heavily use vservers, which are supposed to be replaced with lxc. Not being able to run an arbitrary, possibly old[2], distribution in a guest — or even being able to move a live system into a container, without replacing its init system, means it's a no-no for me.>>
from lists.debian.org
poettering идиоты systemd Кусок кода systemd:
f = fopen("/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf", "re");
if (!f)
return errno == ENOENT ? 0 : -errno;

Потом, через некоторое время — оно его ещё и записать можэт.
Этот дебил гордится тем, что переписал init с шэлла на C.