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It's more likely that the audience was appalled and disbelieving at the level of dissonance, which seemed to many like sheer perversity. "The music always goes to the note next to the one you expect," wrote one exasperated critic.
At a deeper level, the music negates the very thing that for most people gives it meaning: the expression of human feelings.

Basically, IDM.
quo trololo I had my son at 17 and he'll be 12 this year. Sometimes it's hilarious. He thinks my husband and I are ancient at 29 and 32. We like to troll him because we are at least somewhat more familiar with the memes and slang you hip youngsters use these days than we would be if we were, say, 10 years older. I threaten to start liking 'cool' things to make them instantly uncool which always gets to him.
Haskell trololo To depress you even more :-), the "poor man's concurrency monad" paper was written when Koen was a young undergrad, and he came up with the ideas in paper all by himself (also note the exercise is a simplification of the paper).