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"About This Game
Yuri Visual Novel
The Expression Amrilato is a girl-meets-girl yuri visual novel.
This visual novel is for people who:
Enjoy subtle love-like feelings between girls.
Have an intellectual curiosity for learning.
Just like watching cute girls having fun.
Are willing to take in a touching story that will probably make you cry.
In-depth Alternate World Language
In "The Expression Amrilato", the main character is lost in an alternate world where Juliamo (which in the real world is Esperanto, an existing constructed language) is the official spoken language. Therefore, while enjoying a story between cute girls, you can also learn language of Esperanto!
The text in this game has been officially supervised by the National Esperanto Association in Japan. You additionally might be able to learn some Japanese through the Japanese version included in the package, and Chinese is planned for the future!"
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"This sweet LGBT+ story about two ladies in love begins with a chance meeting on a commuter train. Energetic Sadie is working a retail job to save money for a music college, and Robin, a stylish and sophisticated accounting manager at 25, is a calming but guarded presence who's happy to talk to Sadie about work, dreams, and life. As Sadie begins spending her regular commute with Robin, their chats become the foundation of a beautiful friendship...and eventual romance, when they both crave something more! Both women are facing challenges in their respective lives, but they're tougher as a team, and all the ups-and-downs of a serious relationship are about to make them stronger."
animation yuri rwby RWBY Vol. 6 Ep. 07
Ждём, когда @Linda-chan напишет про кровавых реднеков, которые ненавидят, когда им в потребляемое творчество массово завозят меньшинств.

ongoing happy_sugar_life anime yuri Happy Sugar Life Completed. Печально и грустно очень всё закончилось, аж до мурашек пробрало. Весьма интересный, контрастный тайтл. 9/10
Интересно, что манга ещё не кончилась, видимо там концовка совсем другая, придётся читать.