Very bad! WeeChat is crashing (SIGSEGV received)
*** Full crash dump was saved to /home/grad/.weechat/weechat_crash_20100427_3669.log file.
*** Please help WeeChat developers to fix this bug:
*** 1. If you have a core file, please run: gdb weechat-curses core
*** then issue "bt" command and send result to developers
*** To enable core files with bash shell: ulimit -c 10000
*** 2. Otherwise send backtrace (below) and weechat.log
*** (be careful, private info may be in this file since
*** part of chats are displayed, so remove lines if needed)

======= WeeChat backtrace =======
(written by WeeChat, compiled on Feb 1 2010 02:32:55)
No backtrace info (no debug info available or no backtrace possible on your system).
======= End of backtrace =======
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