webinar Erlang What's Elixir? Webinar


Elixir (http://elixir-lang.org) is a functional meta-programming aware
language built on top of the Erlang VM. It is a dynamic language with
flexible and homoiconic syntax that leverages Erlang's abilities to
build concurrent, distributed, fault-tolerant applications with hot
code upgrades.

Some say Elixir is like CoffeeScript for Erlang. To extent, this is
true. But it is much more than that that ? it combines the raw power
of Erlang VM with Lisp-like macros, more familiar kind of syntax, some
features from Clojure and a strong focus on usability... not to
mention its own evolving standard library (which is quite nice!)

I am going to run a webinar next month (Oct 13), explaining the basics
of the language and going through creating a test application in it.

Register at wexw12.eventbrite.com and see you next month!

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Friday January 6, 2012
Session 1: 10am ET / 3pm GMT
Session 2: 10am PT / 1pm ET

P.S. Странное дело, вроде не подписывался на рассылки по монге, но пришло уже второе приглашение на их вебинар. Вербуют что ли?(: В общем, кому интересно, ссылка есть, там регистрация.