В Париже запретили (попеременно) машины с четными/нечетными номерами на сегодня и завтра. Электромобили, автомобили срочных служб, автобусы и автомобили с тремя и более пассажирами исключены из запрета.

Торопись, жуйк, можно отлично заработать: ФБР в течение двух месяцев готова выплатить 10 000 долларов за информацию, которая приведет к аресту целенаправленно посветившего лазерной указкой в самолет. news.slashdot.org

Ирландский политик требует более жесткого контроля опенсурсных браузеров. 'An online black market is operating which protects the users’ anonymity and operates across borders through the use of open source internet browsers and payments systems which allow users to remain anonymous' — его укусил маркетолог Майкрософт?

New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Believe In Evolution: [only] 43% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats say humans have evolved over time. Reuters reports that thirty-three percent of Americans reject the idea of evolution and believe that 'humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time' rather than evolving gradually through a process of natural selection.

Ну и последнее: какие-то шутники поиздевались над феминизмом и запилили язык С+=, поскольку ООП с его "наследованием" и "объектами" — "инструмент патриархизма". Гитхабы шутку не поняли и страницу стерли, создатели нашли пристанище на битбакете: bitbucket.org

Три человека арестованы в UK за антисемитские твиты (с упоминанием Гитлера и газовых камер) после матча Тоттенхэм Хотспур и Уэст Хэм Юнайтед по подозрению в разжигании расовой ненависти. yro.slashdot.org

OCZ, a manufacturer of solid-state drives, says it will file for bankruptcy. This move is being forced by Hercules Technology Growth Capital, which had lent $30 million to OCZ under terms that were later breached. The most likely outcome of this bankruptcy is that OCZ's assets (including the Indilinx controller IP) will be purchased by Toshiba. If this deal falls through, the company will be liquidated.

A number of groups, including the MPAA, are pushing to educate elementary school kids about the dangers of piracy. From the article: 'A nonprofit group called the Center for Copyright Information, which is supported by the MPAA and other groups, has commissioned a school curriculum to teach elementary-age children about the value of copyrights. The proposed curriculum is still in draft stage, but it's already taking flak.

Когда к нам придёт? А то мы тоже в последнее время всё и вся защищаем, надо бы не отставать.

"The Washington Post reports that, according to documents obtained from Edward Snowden, through their so-called 'MUSCULAR' initiative, the National Security Agency has exploited a weakness in the transfers between data centers, which Google and others pay a premium to send over secure fiber optic cables. The leaked documents include a post-it note as part of an internal NSA Powerpoint presentation showing a diagram of Google network traffic, an arrow pointing to the Google front-end server with text reading, 'SSL Added and Removed Here' with a smiley face. When shown the sketch by The Post and asked for comment, two engineers with close ties to Google responded with strings of profanity."


As described on the DigitalBond blog, a security researcher was subjected to a court ordered search in which a lack of pre-notification was premised on his self description as a 'hacker.' From the court order, 'The tipping point for the Court comes from evidence that the defendants – in their own words – are hackers. By labeling themselves this way, they have essentially announced that they have the necessary computer skills and intent to simultaneously release the code publicly and conceal their role in that act.

"Patent 5,893,120 Reduced To Pure Math" yro.slashdot.org

Для Ъ: "US Patent #5,893,120 has been reduced to mathematical formulae as a demonstration of the oft-ignored fact that there is an equivalence relation between programs and mathematics. You may recognize Patent #5,893,210 as the one over which Google was ordered to pay $5M for infringing due to some code in Linux. It should be interesting to see how legal fiction will deal with this. Will Lambda calculus no longer be 'math'? Or will they just decide to fix the inconsistency and make mathematics patentable?"