USA 1984 socialism orwell clinton "This is what happens in George Orwell's classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, when a torturer holds up four fingers and delivers electric shocks until his prisoner sees five fingers as ordered. The goal is to make you question logic and reason and to sow mistrust toward exactly the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press, experts who seek to guide public policy based on evidence, ourselves."

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Ну, в некотором смысле дажэ да, цэль 1984 — посеять недоверие в точности к тем людям, доверие к которым требуется для соцыалистов вроде Клинтон: к их лидерам, прессе, активным экспертам, требующим каких-то регуляцый, вот этому всему.