opensource ? А что, с распознаванием голоса в офлайне всё так же плохо, как и 10 (20) лет назад? Кроме убогого покетсфинкса не могу ничего найти
opensource P2P поисковик docker Open source p2p поисковик в докере?
Жуйк ты слышал об этом поисковике? Может быть пользовался?
Идея мне понравилась.

Каждый компьютер, на котором установлен основной программный модуль, сканирует интернет самостоятельно, то есть является аналогом поискового робота. Полученные результаты собираются в общую базу, которую используют все участники YaCy.
opensource life moto Был сегодня в ГИБДД, сдавал теорию. Сдал, хотя речь не об этом. Компьютерный класс для сдачи состоит из компьютеров Байкал с мониторами АОС. Разрешение настроено не родное мониторовское, поэтому картинка немного расплывается, но сквозь слёзы я увидел панель задач от второго гнома и firefox, в котором была запущена система для сдачи билетов. Вот так опенсурс проникает в госорганы.
opensource прекрасное furry сталирасты lgbt Просто комбо:
As a transgender person and freedom activist, for me proprietary software and transphobia inflict the same psychological and emotional pain, just from different angles.
EDIT: Oh, not to mention such free software gems as "weboob", "GIMP", "GIMPLE", "assword" and others. To paraphrase PhilosophyTube, Is FSF just a bunch of white guys jerking off?
I noticed that most people have "You may not draw my fursona without my permission" on their FurAffinity page and that screams "proprietary" to me. But what would be a legal contract/license for Free Culture fursona?
My parents are dead. They will never accept me. Getting drunk and cutting myself are only half measures. Only suicide will prove that I'm a good kid.
opensource service Вот есть такой сервис opensignal, клторый собирает базу данных мобильных вышек и операторов, показывает зону покрытия сетями и скоростями. Но я так понял, у него нет апишечки, чтобы выдернуть все эти данные в удобном виде, т.е. данные не открытые (я на их сайте ничего такого не нашёл). А есть такое же, но с открытыми данными?
opensource прекрасное Интересно, как SJW их не съели?
The Apache Software Foundation is not a democracy.
It's an elitist organization that does not support an innate right to vote. We aren't capitalists because you can't buy a seat on our board. We aren't socialists since we place building working communities over software. Monarchy doesn't fit because Kings and Pawns work together as equals.
What we are is a Meritocracy. To be able to have a say, you have to prove your worth in a system of merit. Meritocracy is a key part of The Apache Way. With it, the ASF creates amazing software with amazing people that continues to change the way the world computes.
Merit has no basis on Age, Sex, Religion, Ethnicity, Race, Country of Origin, Sexual Preference, Social Status, Income Level, Lineage, and/or Physical/Cultural Traits*.
In honor of The Apache Way, the ASF has created two wristbands to share with the tech community. The first is silver and announces our Meritocracy.
The second, because merit is NOT rooted in biological differences, is brash and bold in Red announcing "do I.T. like a girl". The idea comes from Code Like A Girl wristbands coupled with a small bit of double entendre to start a conversation about improving inclusion."
opensource мж сталирасты Когда-то давно один мейтейнер ядра Theodore Ts'o не принял код от Intel, в котором оказался бэкдор от NSA (дело было при Обаме). Сейчас, после захвата власти в Linux сообществе, SJW требуют устранить этого мейтейнера, обвиняя его в "rape apologism" (это когда человек придерживается "презумпции невиновности", а не безосновательной вере в бездоказательные обвинения в изнасилования), чтобы никто не мешал принимать бэкдоры в ядро. Вся суть феминизма:
opensource прекрасное Kickstarter
"Interact with technology and your connected devices in the most natural way – by speaking to them. Mark II is a hands-free smart speaker to get answers, play music, and handle all the little details in life, all by voice.
What sets Mark II apart? It’s open source. This means your personal data stays private, you can customize your experience, and Mycroft is a neutral player in the voice game, allowing you to be confident in your personal preference of apps and skills. More than this, the Mycroft platform is created by a community of innovators, keeping the technology honest and well-rounded."
Linux opensource Kickstarter
"Developing and upstreaming complete Linux support for the Allwinner VPU, for hardware accelerated video decoding and encoding.
The Allwinner ARM processors are very popular in a large number of hobbyists development boards, and more and more widely used in embedded products. Support for those processors was initiated in the official Linux kernel by Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) engineer Maxime Ripard in 2012, and has since then been improved up to the point where actual Allwinner-based products are being shipped with the official Linux kernel.
However, one key feature that is missing from the support in the official Linux kernel is support for the VPU (Video Processing Unit). This unit allows to offload to the hardware the decoding and encoding of video streams, avoiding the need to involve the CPU for such intensive operations. Having VPU support would provide a smoother video decoding/encoding experience, at a much lower CPU consumption.
A lot of existing work has already been done around supporting Allwinner’s VPU (including by Bootlin, see below), and the goal of this Kickstarter is to build on top of this work to complete VPU support and have it supported in the official Linux kernel.
It is worth mentioning that this goal is listed as one of the High Priority projects of the Free Software Foundation."
opensource прекрасное HW Kickstarter Сборы на PowerPC ноутбук:
"We really want to make it happen: a PowerPC notebook released as Open Source. This first phase will achieve the identification and design of all aspects of the motherboard thanks to a contracted professional electronic engineer.
We really want to make it happen: a PowerPC notebook released as Open Source.
To achieve this goal a series of tasks must be performed, such as designing a custom motherboard that would fit into an existing mainstream notebook chassis.
Since October 2014, when the project was launched, the number of people showing interest had been steadily increasing, and we are now quite a few experience volunteers, some of whom are able to contribute in reviewing and checking aspects of the required electronic design. Unfortunately, after all this years we are stuck, because of the lack of either spare time, or engineer capabilities and professional skills.
In order to solve the situation, in 2016 we approached the Italian firm ACube Systems a company that have some experience in designing PowerPC motherboards. We were lucky, as we found a group of passionate people that shared the long-term advantages of the Open Hardware philosophy, and their prior experience in designing a variety of PowerPC motherboards makes them an ideal choice as a partner. Together with ACube we will be able to get the electronic design done, but a professional electronic designer has to be paid.
At this point the group involved in the project decided to get serious and launch a fundraising campaign to pay for the required job."
opensource проект Решился заопенсорсить свой проектик. Код, конечно далек от совершенства, надо еще много полировать, но все же.
Кто захочет поиграться в него, репа тут
Лицензию пока не придумал. Может кто посоветует, какая будет лучше? Пока думал про MIT. Вообще хотелось бы такую лицензию, которая просто разрешала делать все, что угодно при условии сохранения ссылки на изначальный проект и его разработчиков. Например хочется закрыть код и запилить свое — без проблем, только потом в разделе О проекте должна быть ссылка на оригинальный проект и его авторов/контрибьюторов.
opensource дыбр cura ultimaker я у мамки опенсорцер, письмо пришло:

We send you this message because of your valued contribution to Ultimaker, in this specific case to Cura. We really appreciate the way you help improve the 3D printing experience for all Ultimaker users around the globe. Each of them is grateful for this, and so are we. This synergy can only exist due to the license under which we have shared our work.
Quite some time ago, when we just started out we choose to share Cura under the AGPL license (Affero General Public License). Mostly because we just wanted to share our software with a copyleft license. Upon further, more recent investigation, we have decided we prefer to relicense our code to the LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Among other benefits, because an LGPL license would allow for more versatile dynamic linking and making it easier for others to use Cura. AGPL license has some restrictions in this regard.
Since you have contributed to Cura, we can only release our code under the LGPL license if you will do the same. Therefor we would like to ask you if you would follow us, and also share your contribution under the LGPL license.
If you agree with the change, please see the form attached. We would appreciate if you could print, sign, and send it back, so we can continue working together like we have always done.
Thank you very much, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.
opensource тян "Объявлен конкурс по созданию талисмана для свободного офисного пакета LibreOffice"

Ну, чо, народ, нарисуйте кто-нить LibreOffice-tan?))