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Because if you want me to "act professional", I can tell you that I'm not interested. I'm sitting in my home office wearign a bathrobe. The same way I'm not going to start wearing ties, I'm also not going to buy into the fake politeness, the lying, the office politics and backstabbing, the passive aggressiveness, and the buzzwords. Because THAT is what "acting professionally" results in: people resort to all kinds of really nasty things because they are forced to act out their normal urges in unnatural ways.

Сорь, если боян.
Emacs Vim hate linus typical Ну не пиздец ли?
Линус написал, что добаивил utf-8 в свой uemacs/PK и
ТУТ ЖЕ повылазили вимоблядки с охуенно важными коментариями, что они используют vim.
Кого ебет, простите, что вы там используете?

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Jesus, does anybody else need to point out that they use Vim? Go back to the Ubuntu forums.
? soft linus А посоветуйте вьюер картинок под Линух, плиз? А то стандартный гномовский не делает прелоад следующих фоток.
C++ quote Git linus C Наткнулся на срач в ньюсгруппах:

From: Linus Torvalds <torvalds <at> linux-foundation.org>
Subject: Re: [RFC] Convert builin-mailinfo.c to use The Better String Library.
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.version-control.git
Date: 2007-09-06 17:50:28 GMT (3 years, 47 weeks, 4 days, 1 hour and 56 minutes ago)

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Dmitry Kakurin wrote:

When I first looked at Git source code two things struck me as odd:
1. Pure C as opposed to C++. No idea why. Please don't talk about portability,
it's BS.

YOU are full of bullshit.

C++ is a horrible language. It's made more horrible by the fact that a lot
of substandard programmers use it, to the point where it's much much
easier to generate total and utter crap with it. Quite frankly, even if
the choice of C were to do nothing but keep the C++ programmers out,
that in itself would be a huge reason to use C.

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Linux linus А Торвальдс весьма крут. Типа прямо как Чак Норис. Конечно, это типа как сарказм на лурке, но после прочтения, у меня возник вопрос: а где собственно Чак? Ведь не помер же? Или это только у нас актёры готовы сниматься до последнего, потому что за всю жизнь так и не добиваются признания?