I've been leaving in Paris for almost ten years. Of course changing from student-hood to being a corporate-whore gave me some space and all, but as time goes I really want to either move away to work remotely, or just move away to work elsewhere. The world being a big place, I feel that staying in this city is a waste of resources. This article seems to point in that direction too, by underlining the sillyness of Paris' real-estate market... owni.fr

apparently using facebook's xmpp server through Tor fires a whole bunch of "suspicious login from an unusual location" alerts ; and prevents the use of the service altogether after a while... OK using FB through an anonimizing service is a little bit paradoxal, but still... :)

youtipit.org is a great Flattr-like service, except that it uses bitcoins. You can still provision your account using Paypal, but it will be converted into bitcoins and you'll be "tippiing" people with bitcoins. And of course, when someone tips you, you'll get bitcoins, instantly. You can choose to "tip" someone else with them, or withdraw them to your regular bitcoin wallet. I think this service is really a great news.

So I'm in this bus, commuting to work. And I forgot to bring my ebook reader, and can't stop thinking about how good the Bessa R camera looks. I should sell my video-games stuff to get this tool... At least it would tickle my creativity. What do you think?

I'm an ass. I revoked my old gpg key (713ACD51) before signing the new one (57F0D893) with it. If you need to e-mail me, please do not use the new one until it has a few signatures you trust! Thank you! (both keys are stored on keys.gnupg.net)

*screen It's quite disturbing to run Vim on a 256-color terminal, but I think I like it.
Making programs aware that you're (well, they're) in a 256-color terminal is as simple as setting your TERM environment variable to "xterm-256color" (or screen-256color if you're using screen or tmux (with tmux don't forget to run it with option -2)).

I'd so much like to tweet it or something, but meh, let's say it here.
So, visual key guys. Those, who badmouthed my cute Vocaloids.
You wonder, why people listen to Vocaloid? I have the answer. Maybe because Vocaloids have something to listen to? Maybe because they don't have real looks, and people judge them just for their voices, and music written for them? (well, there are vocaloid art admirers out there, but Vocaloids could be pictured in any way and any style, so I don't consider their images as a vital point for their popularity) Maybe because Vocaloids have so many fans and composers, even though real groups have it tough with their writer's blocks and such?
Just put up with it. If you wanna your followers, you'd better write good songs and do better performance. Music is not about the looks, and those female fans of yours are exceptions to prove this rule.
And don't try to say they "steal" your fans. If people really like your music, they won't abandon you. Or they may just like you, and they won't abandon you either. Just for duration of your stage life in this case, though.
So, I came^Wfinished.

And I know, this message is unlikely to reach them. And they probably don't know English to read it. Well, feel free to ignore it, I just had to write and post it for my own reasons.
Have a good day.

A bit similar to bitcoin.org I like the system that paybox.me proposes: an alternative digital currency. It also seems to be linked somehow to Bitcoin, but I still don't understand why. Anyway, you might want to register, because they give you a lot of "money" without any effort, because it might earn you some real money when they open up for exchange with other currencies, because in the meantime it's a valid exchange value for paying anyone who's also registered, because it's a funny idea, and... because it doesn't cost anything anyway. At the moment they're also organizing a debit card design contest, and obviously I even proposed mine: paybox.me (ok it's maybe a little geeky, but please vote for it!)
I'm quite into money things lately. But I have an excuse: it's all alternative money: not made by banks or governments. In this sense, I prefer Bitcoin to Paybox.me because the overall system is safer, but anyway it doesn't cost anything to try it, and it'll be funny to be part of the early adopters if it proves to work (a bit like having a very small ICQ number, haha).

I just discovered bitcoin.org. I think it's a great system, and I can't wait to try it with actual transactions. The only problem is there's no package for Debian yet. I'm curious to see how it will grow and how it will deal with some financial problematics: devaluation factors, and all the stuff. I'm also very curious to see how major financial actors, including governments, will react, whether they'll try to break it, to manipulate it, or to just jump into the game.