ужос hackers forums Mods, Banning Error
Not going to deny it. I'm anti. The mods know it, theyvr banned thousands of ips trying to ban me without leaving a trail of banned accounts behind me.

Problem is, before I changed over to my proxy list and it stopped mattering, the ranges you banned stopped every person in the US from accessing the forums with the opera Mini browser. I confirmed in my friend in California.

I won't use that ip string anymore, but you should please consider unbanning that range. Phones and tablets are affected. jeez I didn't wanna screw my whole country over.

also, I own many domains. the emails are infinite. I have a botnet of over 1000 I haven't even tapped into yet because I have so many standard anonymous proxys. If I wanted to I could be here starting trouble but I'm not. I'm asking you to unban my counyrymen for something I did. The dns will have opera in it.

The very first ip string you banned was the entire sprint network in Ohio.

I have six bots in Germany. if you banned those strings youd ban half your country. That's not a good way to handle it.

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— It's a P6 chip. Triple the speed of the Pentium
— Yeah. It's not just the chip, it has a PCI bus
— Indeed. RISC architecture is gonna change everything

Fuck yeah!
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