Valentine музыка Sophie_Ellis-Bextor "Valentine's Day is more or less the perfect time to reveal the 10 songs of love according to PPL (the body royalities airplay). But surprisingly, the melancholy song Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis has come out on top.
The chart of the top 10 love songs was created from songs with the word "love" in the title were played on the radio, in stores and other public places.
Love It When You Call by The Feeling was second in the chart, while the 2000 hit by Spiller and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Groovejet (If This Is not Love), ranked third."
Valentine japanreports@twitter: Недавно стало популярным на 14 февраля バレンタイン女子会 — "валентиновская вечеринка девушек". Девушки кушают хороший шоколад, мужчинам входа нет
Valentine как и во все эти дни открытки получат все кроме меня. уже 10 лет прошло, лолда. зато меньше мусора в квартире и ваще.