These corrections will be in the next DST update, DSTv19 and is targeted to be available for download on December 15th 2012.
update 18 dec: DSTv19 is not out yet due unforseen circumstances but is beeing worked on, this note will be updated if DSTv19 is released
Not official yet: there is a proposal in Russia submitted to the Duma to permanently switch to winter time on 28th of October . Oracle is monitoring this and this note will be updated if there is official news but for the moment there is no indication this will be enforced

bash-2.05# unzip
creating: 113225-29/
inflating: 113225-29/.diPatch
inflating: 113225-29/postpatch
inflating: 113225-29/README.113225-29
inflating: 113225-29/postbackout
inflating: 113225-29/LEGAL_LICENSE.TXT

bash-2.05# patchadd 113225-29

Checking installed patches...
Executing prepatch script...
Verifying sufficient filesystem capacity (dry run method)...
Installing patch packages...

Patch number 113225-29 has been successfully installed.
See /var/sadm/patch/113225-29/log for details
Executing postpatch script...

Patch packages installed:

bash-2.05# date
Mon Oct 31 10:56:03 YEKT 2011
bash-2.05# tzreload
bash: tzreload: command not found
bash-2.05# find /* | grep tzreload

# cd /etc/init.d
# ./xntpd stop
# ntpdate 10.24.x.x
31 Oct 11:35:35 ntpdate[13491]: step time server offset 1091.696324 sec
# date
Mon Oct 31 11:35:42 YEKT 2011

Ну чо, вы уже покорились медведу-властелину времени?
"Исправление: slessp1-timezone-2011j Тип: recommended Версия: 5142

This update provides 2011j which provides the following important changes: Russia is abolishing daylight saving time.
iso3166 code for America/Curacao changed from AN to CW Add Africa/Juba (South Sudan) zone Use KALT as abbreviation for
Europe/Kalinigrad from spring 2011 forward * Newfoundland changes time of day for DST start and end to 2:00 a.m. starting fall
2011 and forward Change America/Resolute use of EST to 2006-2007 only Add SS (South Sudan) entry. *
Change America/Resolute entry to Central Standard Time. Fix past timezones for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzani Samoa uses DST in
2011-2012 starting on September 24th 3am

684181 (bugzilla): bug number 684181"