В python3 появились генераторы словарей, что интересно, например перестановка ключей и значений словаря происходит так:
d = { 'a': 1, 'b':2, 'c': 3, 'd': 4 }
print ({value:key for key, value in d.items()})
Надо будет поиграться посмотреть, с применением условий и фильтров наверное получиться интересно.

2010-08-01T18:06:29 <jokey> mm what's the state of current wsgi for python3 btw? what are the open points?
2010-08-01T18:09:17 <DasIch> jokey: str vs. bytes
2010-08-01T18:10:43 <DasIch> jokey: one side says everything should be str, the other says everything should be bytes, another side says it should be a mix of the two and all of those sides don't have anything to show which is the best solution
2010-08-01T18:11:33 <DasIch> jokey: then there is also the group of people that says that wsgi was even in python 2.x not that good in certain points and wants to create something else altogether
2010-08-01T18:12:28 <DasIch> jokey: as you can see it's only a slight disagreement which should resolve once we have only one side because everybody else died