радиофобия Нужно бы мне новые наушники купить для домашнего пользования (полноразмерные). Посмотрел — есть неплохие беспроводные, радиус 12м. Уже собрался было покупать, да подумал — не вредно ли оно, такой достаточно мощный излучатель на голове постоянно держать? Есть ли какие-то методы расчета опасности подобных девайсов?
CERN радиофобия At least one person has relayed the speculation that the animals are primarily present to allay local’s fears of radiation: if sheep can spend all day snacking on top of an accelerator then how dangerous can it be? The problem I have with this theory is that it makes no mention of the scientists who spend just as much time in just as much proximity to our scary science stuff. Does the public honestly think we are so driven to distraction by our whizzing particles that we might very well hang our balls in the beam to see if it tickles? Let me go on record and say definitively, no, we are not.