интересное полезное теория заговора Интересный взгляд:

If someone had designed a work regime perfectly suited to maintaining the power of finance capital, it’s hard to see how they could have done a better job. Real, productive workers are relentlessly squeezed and exploited. The remainder are divided between a terrorised stratum of the – universally reviled – unemployed and a larger stratum who are basically paid to do nothing, in positions designed to make them identify with the perspectives and sensibilities of the ruling class (managers, administrators, etc) – and particularly its financial avatars – but, at the same time, foster a simmering resentment against anyone whose work has clear and undeniable social value. Clearly, the system was never consciously designed. It emerged from almost a century of trial and error. But it is the only explanation for why, despite our technological capacities, we are not all working 3-4 hour days.

теория conspiracy заговора Я правда устал. Мой отец каждый месяц смотрит какую-нибудь хуйню типа „zeitgeist“, Американского Шоу и прочих „Как Рокфеллеры наебали весь мир и хотят всех поработить“. Мне даже спорить с ним надоело: моя логика в споре всегда дедуктивна, его — индуктивна (аналогично концепциям законодательного и прецедентного права, аналогично мужской и женской логике). Как мне его переубедить, какую книгу или фильм подсунуть?