British работа English У нас появилась сотрудница из Великобритании. Так вот, слово search она произносит так: "sesh". Другие британцы (нормальные) говорят "sarch", но то нормальные, наша радость не из таких.
СЯУ English Why does second person only have 'you' whereas first person has "I" and "me"?
The simplest explanation is that in Middle English the unstressed forms "ye" (subject) and "you" (object) were both pronounced the same, . This led to confusion as to how they should be used, and ultimately elimination of one form.

More specifically, we can see in written sources that there was a sporadic confusion between "you" and "ye" in the 14th and 15th century, and subsequent confusion that in some cases led to regular use of "you" used as subject and "ye" as object, as well as authors using both without a clear distinction.