все Через ёбаный frontend жопу изучаю тут проект, над которым, возможно, придётся работать. и там, в лучших традициях фронтэнда:
them: the ... are in the file xxxxx-old.js, we wanted to port it to python with the rest of the code, starting with the viewer that is much simpler than the editor
them: since I wrote it in javascript instead of pyva (python), and in javascript there are several ways of emulating OOP, I did chose a way that is a bit unusual
them: and it's something we wanted to do because switching languages when developing has a cognitive cost

me: btw, this ... also mentios cygwin and nodejs, could you briefly explain what are these used for?
them: ah answering your question, node.js is used for jade and stylus
them: which we use instead of html and css

them: as you can see, the makefile is pretty simple, you can replace it by some other building system if you want