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Ubuntu sheevaplug А они все собирают прямо на девайсах, без кросс-компиляции. 17:04 < slapin> lool: what device is used to build lots of packages reasonably fast for ARM architecture?
17:05 < slapin> lool: I think it is ok with me, I just want to know which tool is mainstream one
17:05 < slapin> lool: and what setup is needed.
17:06 -!- kaouthia1 [~ljones@cvs.mpc-ogw.co.uk] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:06 < lool> slapin: We currently build continously
17:06 < lool> slapin: using real ARM hardware
17:07 < ogra> using launchpad/soyuz as builder system on top
17:07 < lool> We tried using both dove and imx51 boards, but I think our build system is mostly imx51 atm
Linux Ubuntu sheevaplug gtk+ на шиве собиралось около двух часов. А оно 1.2GHz. А, интересно, чем собирают ubuntu-arm? Не похоже на кроссовую сборку, не пропатчено оно под кросс... неужели на супер-большом кластере из турбореактивных армов?