My intraday statistic. This is p&l in RTSi feature points.

Feb 2

TotaL: +824

Feb 3

TotaL: +1205

Feb 4


TotaL: +900
If you want to get a profit in any market you should learn some advanced micromanagement techniques. All that you need is a price! A price has all required information for you. When you learn analyze it and recognize good entry points, you will catch 300-500 points of movement as you can do it on strong daily trends as well.
Last two months I have been developing the trading robot. This is my first attempt to switch to fully automatic trading. There were some serious problems in the development, but I've resolved all of them. Now, the robot is almost completed and it is testing on real market. Every day I start it at the morning and it is generating trading signals whole day. I check the trading results, when I come from work. What signals were generated, has stop-loss worked correctly, has robot handled disconnections from terminal? I think, it will be testing about one or two months more, before I start trading with real money.
Trading using features much more convenient, than I thought. There are two major advantages against stocks. First is that you need lesser money for getting a significant profit. Second, the derivative market opens before micex and has the additional evening session. But, you should always keep in mind — more profit, more risk! So, trading with futures required from you a strong discipline in a risk management.