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сиськи fun Женщины с красивыми руками помогают рекламировать браслеты, кольца, лак для ногтей.
Женщины с красивыми ногами помогают рекламировать чулки, колготки, туфли.
Женщины с красивой грудью помогают рекламировать лифчики, купальники, майки, автомобили, стиральные машины, игры, конфеты, мебель...
I bought a DELL Inspiron 5100 3 years ago that came with Windows XP Home.
Now I am dating a Japanese girl who is living with me and wants to check her email(Yahoo) and use the computer. So I am hoping to install some Japanese language capabilities for her.
I began by accessing the regional controls but it asked me to put in my original Windows CD which I cannot find for the life of me. I probably did receive one with the laptop, yet it seems to be the only re-boot CD I cannot find.
Any chance anyone might be able to suggest a place to download a copy?
What elso do I need to install so that she can use Japanese for typing and sending emails?
Arigato in advance!

Teach her Fucking ENGLISH instead..