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quote Instagram Facebook Кто-нибудь знает, о чём этот парень?
Instagram is going to start selling the pictures on it for advertising without passing a buck to the actual owners/posters.
FB is trying to get that billion back they invested..
It's the new online business model. Rope people in to use their communication tools, then only make em work efficient if you pay for it.
Or sell off whatever people post of course..
We're living in the age of revenge of the nerds for real.

Утащено из твитора @PetePhilly.
quote poker paste RNG fun #poker #fun #quote *paste Вот на скольких сайтах ни играл, нигде нет полностью вменяемого и адекватного гсч / хороших фишей. Сплошной стыд и срам, а также временами, простите, адский пиздец и полный содом. То ли мне так "везёт", то ли кризис "жанра". (c)
quote interesting health ...the optimal state of “arousal” — the range in which stress improves performance — is when our heart rate is between 115 and 145 beats per minute... Most of us, under pressure, get too aroused, and past a certain point, our bodies begin shutting down so many sources of information that we start to become useless.

“After 145,” Grossman says, “bad things begin to happen. Complex motor skills start to break down...At 175, we begin to see an absolute breakdown of cognitive processing...the forebrain shuts down...Behavior becomes inappropriately aggressive.”