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Он лучше знает, что я хотел сказать; расшарил другу страничку с buySKU — просто линк, без сопроводительного текста.
И вот что получилось: yadi.sk
Для Ъ: г+ подписал текст "I like this, the price is very cheap. Do you think I should buy it?" под ссылкой.

Rajat JainВчера в 21:11
I am running ubuntu 12.04 beta 2 with 3.2.20 kernel but would love to upgrade to 3.3 or 3.4 , can anyone here help me out ??
Sergey KharitonovВчера в 23:32
+Rajat Jain Just download the source code, unpack it and make tweaks in the way that won't screw up Ubuntu's functionality. Then compile the kernel, generate initramfs and put them in /boot. Write new bootloader entry and try to boot. If anything goes wrong you'll always have a previous fallback option.
Sergey KharitonovВчера в 23:34
+Rajat Jain ofcourse if you're familliar with compiling the kernel. Otherwise you have to wait for somebody to make a package.