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q work чятики you can do all this in Jenkins
but don’t
that’s the problem with Jenkins, it promises to be able to do what you want, a few months later you want to throw the server through the window and jump out after it (edited)
quote work чятики I used to get this sensation when falling asleep in lectures

Suddenly everything would seem to make perfect sense
I'd wonder how I'd been struggling to follow something that was so obvious
And then I would jolt awake with the conviction that it all works because `x` is a pirate
work чятики a> But that's not microsoft fault. Let's not hurt their poor puppy feelings.
q> @a do you suggest to not blame `docker` ?
a> Oh no! I'd blame docker every day.
My car broke on the highway? Blame docker!
No bread for breakfast? Blame docker!
blockchain Bitcoin чятики qnikst> зачем взрывать когда надо отбирать
dmz> это сложно
qnikst> и сажать в капсулу
qnikst> пусть майнят как в матрице
ncrashed> откровение, машины в матрице сделали блокчейн на людях

... несколько минут спустя...:

dmz> Специалисты из Института старения в Гааге научились майнить с помощью человеческого тепла. Учёные придумали костюм, который конвертирует тепло человеческого тела в криптовалюту.
ncrashed> где купить красную таблетку?
qnikst> это серьезно?
dmz> этот хайп принимает уже настолько нездоровые формы, что я не знаю, что тут можно сказать
work чятики вот так в этих ваших европах, соберёшься себе куда поехать, а там снег выпал, и все искать хостел сидеть ждать..

Snow in Zurich, plan delayed, missed connection
work чятики а вроде и не пятница
g> TIL: There is a funeral doom metal band called "Monads". metal-archives.com @yves
n> TIL: There is a musical genre called "funeral doom metal" :stuck_out_tongue:
g> Someone should make a "metal subgenre name generator".
g> I am not a big fan of doom metal myself. But the idea of listening to monads does have some bucolic appeal. (edited)
n1> @g that kind of thinking might lead you to leibniz and Nietzsche
g> Why is that ?
a> I like that Leibniz and Nietzsche are considered similar in this sentence.
n1> nah, Nietzsche uses the concept of monads in "beyond good and evil"
n1> but I think it was borrowed from leibniz
a> Oh. Quite possibly. Leibniz's realism had something of the sort.
a> Like essential objects.
a> I should study more.
n1> essential, atomic things
g> So I just demonstrated my ignorance of philosophy :wink:
n1> by the way, while I can understand why Monad implies something irreducible/atomic (mono-), I have no clue why it applies to monoids in the category of endofunctors
n1> mh though it's in "monoid"
a> The initial name of Monads was Triple.
a> So there you have it: improvement.
a> The word « Category » in category theory is probably taken from Kant (_Critique of pure reason_). (edited)
a> (where it meant something very different than a reflexive and transitive graph, to be sure)
a> Though I don't know if McLane or Eilenberg are on record saying this.
a> It makes sense to pick your next random name from another German philosopher.

work чятики d > I don't know what I hit on emacs but apparently: French: 15 Thermidor an 225 de la Révolution
g > Seems like you converted a date to the French revolutionary calendar
g > That must be current date actually
g > 1792 + 225 ...
g > makes sense
g > I am a bit worried, actually: is it what Emacs proposes when you ask for "today" in French ? :smile:
j > maybe he hasn't updated emacs since the revolution
чятики x > (joke-mode (технологие N-1 стула — задач может быть на 1 меньше чем девелоперов и одному не достается))
y > jokeMode $ потом дойдёт до гладиаторских боёв за тикеты
z > отжайл-development