• work чятики d > I don't know what I hit on emacs but apparently: French: 15 Thermidor an 225 de la Révolution
    g > Seems like you converted a date to the French revolutionary calendar
    g > That must be current date actually
    g > 1792 + 225 ...
    g > makes sense
    g > I am a bit worried, actually: is it what Emacs proposes when you ask for "today" in French ? :smile:
    j > maybe he hasn't updated emacs since the revolution

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  • @qnikst, и продолжение

    d> is there anything emacs can't do?
    a> As far as I'm aware, the Emacs's halting problem solver is still quite buggy.
  • @qnikst, p f нажать в календаре (вроде бы, лень больше страницы в документации смотреть).