• Debian IRC stable [12:29] <pupoque> Hi. Kwin and kde panel crashed yesterday. The only log thing I managed to find is lines 77-80 on this log paste.debian.net
    [12:30] <pupoque> Is that intel vide driver problem? I don't know about which package I should report
    [12:44] <Kebianizao|work> pupoque: xserver-video-intel or maybe libgl1-mesa-dri. First of all make sure you are on sid, try to get a backtrace is quite helpful, install xserver-video-intel-dbg and libgl1-mesa-dri-dbg and enable xorg core dumps, also look in xorg bugzilla.
    [12:44] <Kebianizao|work> pupoque: that's unlikely a KDE problem though
    [12:45] <pupoque> why should i be on sid? I use stable :) thank you
    [12:59] <Kebianizao|work> pupoque: because it looks like an upstream problem and upstream won't support the version in debian. Alternatively you could report it on the Debian bug tracker bug that problem is not important enough to get fixed on a stable release
    [13:29] <pupoque> Oh. What is of high priority than? I see i'm going to suffer from random crashes -_-
    [13:41] <Kebianizao|work> pupoque: debian.org only serious or higher severity are allowed to be fixed in stable
    [13:42] <Kebianizao|work> I'd say yours is important

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