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Самое забавное явление в саппорте — люди, суть жалоб которых сводится к следующему: "Ваша программа — полная херня. Я скачал древнюю как говно мамонта версию и запустил её на самой свежей версии системы, а она ни хрена не работает нормально. Только не вздумайте мне отвечать на это письмо, потому что вы уроды". Родной, ну, не хочешь — как хочешь :)


Продолжение не замедлило себя ждать:

i play with a psi 3 psionic amp everyday and one of the times i was putting energy into it, i with i had it hooked up to my pc with record on, but the energy feild it produced made the dead side very there, i saw my dead cat twinkels, and even heard it squake at me like it used to when it was alive if i can get you a recording of this energy sample to you would you like to work with it and develop the ghost phone so i dont have to learn all the programing, i know a little c++ and i mean very little and i dont want to learn more progaming because it board me so i lost interest in it, the energy sample would be in wave format and alls u should have to do, if i produce it right is push play

ОНО ещё и на плюсах кодит. Пускай в кдевелоперы идёт, я считаю.


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have you considered developing a ghost phone with your software to alow the dead to call the living with voice dialing, i've done a little bit of research into it and its acheiveable, thomas dolby discovered that there are certian places on the earth where the dead can be heard with a tape recorder and with modern psionics it is posible to recreate these energy feilds to alow cross dimensional communication dead to living, are you down for a little occult scientist network administration, like honestly i live in the same house as my dead grandpa and it would be great if he could call his living relatives up, maybe you could throw the ideal around the office or something maybe even come up with a skype plugin or something