• audacity Продолжение не замедлило себя ждать:

    i play with a psi 3 psionic amp everyday and one of the times i was putting energy into it, i with i had it hooked up to my pc with record on, but the energy feild it produced made the dead side very there, i saw my dead cat twinkels, and even heard it squake at me like it used to when it was alive if i can get you a recording of this energy sample to you would you like to work with it and develop the ghost phone so i dont have to learn all the programing, i know a little c++ and i mean very little and i dont want to learn more progaming because it board me so i lost interest in it, the energy sample would be in wave format and alls u should have to do, if i produce it right is push play

    ОНО ещё и на плюсах кодит. Пускай в кдевелоперы идёт, я считаю.

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