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quote “My long-ago operations research textbook had a cartoon showing one MBA talking to another: ‘Things? I didn’t come here to learn how to make things, I came here to learn how to make money.’ This is the view of financial capital. The view of production capital is exemplified by Peter Drucker: ‘Securities analysts believe that companies make money. Companies make shoes.’”
quote The research team found XMM-2599 formed more than 1,000 solar masses a year in stars at its peak of activity—an extremely high rate of star formation. In contrast, the Milky Way forms about one new star a year.
quote 1. Wear the uniform
2. Think long term (like 30 years from now)
3. Build stories and languages, not things
4. Create your own universe (or join ours)
5. Collect samples
6. Be a sample for somebody else
7. Look for loyalty, not for a skill set
8. Do not build utilitarian products. However, use them as a medium to express yourself
9. Do not exploit introverts — doesn't work long term. Learn to be an introvert yourself
10. Travel more
11. Do not work for corporations. Old corporations were meaningful when their founders were alive, but now, they have outlived their relevancy. They exist only to keep their numbers growing
12. New corporations are no better. They have scaled up features, and today’s founders want hyper-growth for growth’s sake (it seems like every line of code, every feature deserves its own corporation — it sure doesn't)
13. So, fuck the corporations
14. Tell the truth (bullshit never works long term)
15. Study and research fashion
16. Your phone is a temporary feature — don’t spend your life on it (like you wouldn’t spend it on a fax machine)
17. Fuck likes, followers, fake lives, fake friends
18. Remake your environment. Build it for yourself, and people will come
19. Only trust those who make things you love
20. Move to LA
21. Don’t buy property
22. Don’t go to Mars (just yet)
23. Use only one font, just a few colors, and just a few shapes
24. Use spreadsheets, but only to map out 30 cells — one for each year of the rest of your life
25. The next three are the most important
26. The past doesn’t exist — don’t get stuck in it
27. Don’t go to Silicon Valley (it’s not for you if you’re still reading this)
28. Remind yourself daily: you and everyone you know will die
29. We must build the most beautiful things
30. We are 2046 kids
Fedora Arch GRUB SSD fde Что мне нужно от full disk encryption-а? Простота, простота и ещё раз простота. Никаких нахуй паролей. Адын ключ на флехе. Люкс 1-2-3 сразу летит в помойку, даже думать не хочу. Остаётся plain режим dm-crypt-a. Очь просто и без лишних заморочек. Никаких таблиц разделов на винте. Никаких, боже упаси от этого говна, LVM-ов.

plain на /dev/sda. И прям на него xfs-ку. Ну или что-то ещё, по вкусу.

Никаких разбиений на разделы с ФС-ами. Винт на 256 гиг, что тут можно и зачем разбивать.

Что мы имеем на сегодня при данных условиях. Начнём с загрузчика. Grub понимает только luks1. Но, один очь охрененный товарищ, уже давно пропатчил его и заставил понимать plain и luks2 c выносом заголовков.

Поэтому такой вот груб просто необходим. А где он есть, правильно, нигде его нету. Кроме.. арча.

Моя любимая федора (29 на данный момент) поддерживает всё тот же luks1 при установке. В следующем релизе обещают завезти luks2. И это при том, что ядро будет вынесено на отдельный незашифрованный раздел.

Поэтому, прощай федора, здравствуй арч, что уже давно нужно было сделать. И сделать это нужно было хотя бы потому, что самый адекватный источник с документацией по Линуксу сейчас, это ArchWiki. То говно, которое из себя представляет вики Федоры даже упоминать не хочется.

Короче, в ауре есть патченный граб, который без проблем ставится при установке. И, внимание, позволяет грузиться с полностью зашифрованного диска. Без необходимости выносить /boot с ядрами на флешку.

На флешке останется только сам загрузчик и ключ. А значит её можно перманентно держать в ro режиме. До кучи записав туда какой-нибудь sysresccd, для удобства на всяк пож.

Дёшево, надёжно и практично. А в случае чего (кто-то страшный в маске зачем-то пилит железную дверь болгаркой), флешку ну или микросд карточку можно оперативно извлечь, засунуть в задницу, съесть, поджарить в микроволновке или просто смыть в унитаз — по вкусу.

Шифрование, напомню, в данном случае нужно только для того, что бы оперативно выкинуть диск в помойку не тратя время на wipe.
quote best_job_in_the_world I once read about a survey where they went to one person and asked what job she or he would like to have, and then went to someone with that job and asked the same, and so on. The chain finally ended with a professor of English at a fancy research institution with a low teaching load. That person said that she had the best job in the world, and would not change for anything.
quote Precision, accuracy, and clarity matter, as gestures of respect toward those to whom you speak; toward the subject, whether it’s an individual or the earth itself; and toward the historical record. It’s also a kind of self-respect. The search for meaning is in how you live your life but also in how you describe it and what else is around you.
quote The search for pleasure is circular, repetitive, atemporal. The variety seeking of the spectator, the thrill hunter, the sexually promiscuous, always ends in the same place. It has an end. It comes to the end and has to start over. It is not a journey and return, but a closed cycle, a locked room, a cell.
quote fMRIs have shown that the nervous system relaxes a bit once we name and acknowledge the feelings we’re feeling. Research also indicates that the nervous system further relaxes once we consistently name and acknowledge unmet needs that are underneath the feeling. Our bodies are trying to tell us through feelings what is important to us. But we have to listen.
quote sad_but_true We know from research that the reading circuit is not given to human beings through a genetic blueprint like vision or language; it needs an environment to develop. Further, it will adapt to that environment’s requirements – from different writing systems to the characteristics of whatever medium is used. If the dominant medium advantages processes that are fast, multi-task oriented and well-suited for large volumes of information, like the current digital medium, so will the reading circuit. As UCLA psychologist Patricia Greenfield writes, the result is that less attention and time will be allocated to slower, time-demanding deep reading processes, like inference, critical analysis and empathy, all of which are indispensable to learning at any age.
quote stats According to a 2017 study from the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of smartphone owners said they couldn’t live without their phones, and research centers report that the average cell phone user touches their device about 2,617 times a day.