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Вы верите, что этот 30kloc файл без единого комментария, зато с тонной магических чисел -- действительно исходный код? Я чего-то как-то сомневаюсь, неужели проприетарщики настолько суровы... http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/gregkh/staging-next-2.6.git;a=blob;f=drivers/staging/brcm80211/phy/wlc_phy_n.c;h=950dfc6087107b86d90926e20111bddf5250cd1b;hb=staging-next
developers free_software proprietary_software professionalism raster — известный разработчик, главный автор Enlightment, в настоящее время работает в Samsung над созданием смартфона с полноценной (GNU/Linux, X.org) и достаточно свободной (для независимых разработчиков) системой.
13:09 < PaulFertser> raster: why do vendors still allow to guys to do "sim unlocking"?
13:11 < raster> PaulFertser: because they have very poor concepts of security
13:11 < raster> PaulFertser: to them rtemoving a header files == security.
13:11 < raster> now u dont have the api header.. uc ant use the library etc.
13:11 < raster> thats a real belief
13:12 < raster> i kid you not
13:12 < raster> thnk of it this way
13:12 < raster> open source programmers ar egenerally good
13:12 < raster> why? in the oss world u need to rely on literally being good to keep your head above water
13:12 < raster> if you are merely average or bad — you sink
13:13 < raster> in the end the law of the jungle in oss land means that oss devs tend to be like the top 1% of engineers
13:13 < raster> so they understand thgins like security
13:13 < raster> they know removing a ehader wont do anything
13:13 < raster> they also know that putting security sensitive stuff in a shared lib as oppoed to in aservice running as root
vs ui runing as user, is much more secure
13:13 < raster> etc.
13:13 < raster> they know about making code ope and being able to use digital signatures etc.
13:14 < raster> but.. those people are not 100% of the engineers u see working in real life at the places that make thigns
like phones
13:14 < raster> they are maybe 5% of them.
13:15 < raster> so... you see modem firmwares being hackable because of an incorrect belief that they secured it already — the
wrong way.