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AWS CDK Developer Preview

You can think of the CDK as a cloud infrastructure “complier”. It provides a set of high-level class libraries, called Constructs, that abstract AWS cloud resources and encapsulate AWS best practices. Constructs can be snapped together into object-oriented CDK applications that precisely define your application infrastructure and take care of all the complex boilerplate logic. When you run your CDK application, it is compiled into a CloudFormation Template, the “assembly language” for AWS cloud infrastructure.


In case when you reset (Administration -> Diagnostics -> Caches -> versionedSettings) or somehow currupt cache of versioned setting — teamcity can fail of applying new versions of settings from repository.

In this case login to TeamCity server host. Navigate to \system\caches\versionedSettings\ dir. And find which subdirectry contains settings of you project. Copy files fom .teamcity\ folder of you project repository to this dir to fix the issue