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    Most of the important changes this release stem from MSBuild’s transition into Visual Studio:

    — MSBuild and the VB/C# compilers are now available as a standalone package, Microsoft® Build Tools. This package is installed with Visual Studio 2013.
    — We are simplifying MSBuild’s versioning story. Each version of Visual Studio will have a corresponding version of the Microsoft® Build Tools including MSBuild, the VB/C# compilers, and common tasks and targets that make up the 2013 Toolset. There will no longer be any sub Toolset versions. Visual Studio 2013 will exclusively use 2013 MSBuild and VB/C# compilers (assembly version 12.0) and the 2013 Toolset (ToolsVersion 12.0).
    — The way MSBuild selects Toolset versions for command line builds is now identical to the way Visual Studio builds projects. If your projects build in VS, they will build from the command line. No more manually overriding Toolset versions and hunting down missing dependencies.
    — MSBuild has a dependency on the latest Framework, .NET 4.5.1.

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