AWS CDK Developer Preview

You can think of the CDK as a cloud infrastructure “complier”. It provides a set of high-level class libraries, called Constructs, that abstract AWS cloud resources and encapsulate AWS best practices. Constructs can be snapped together into object-oriented CDK applications that precisely define your application infrastructure and take care of all the complex boilerplate logic. When you run your CDK application, it is compiled into a CloudFormation Template, the “assembly language” for AWS cloud infrastructure.

In case when you reset (Administration -> Diagnostics -> Caches -> versionedSettings) or somehow currupt cache of versioned setting — teamcity can fail of applying new versions of settings from repository.

In this case login to TeamCity server host. Navigate to <teamcity_data_dir>\system\caches\versionedSettings\ dir. And find which subdirectry contains settings of you project. Copy files fom .teamcity\ folder of you project repository to this dir to fix the issue

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