• цитаты сканлейт [28.Feb.09 20:56] <amtt> Aerandria
    [28.Feb.09 21:03] <@nodamen> well
    [28.Feb.09 21:04] <@nodamen> you're better off not doing any joints with them
    [28.Feb.09 21:04] <@nodamen> they hold up releases as ransom
    [28.Feb.09 21:05] <@nodamen> and they claim that their translators are working on your joint project when actually they aren't
    [28.Feb.09 21:05] <@nodamen> and they do this
    [28.Feb.09 21:05] <@nodamen> and they do that
    [28.Feb.09 21:05] * @nodamen zipps her mouth


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