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OpenBSD icb 06:04 < deraadt> I do not believe in the arm memmove. You don't write a 450
instruction memory move.
06:04 < deraadt> It falls out of your cache. It underperforms. The more
tricks you do, the worse it is.
06:05 < deraadt> Whoever wrote that must have been smoking something really
bad, AND done no testing.
06:05 < deraadt> Alternative is that arm sucks shit.
code funny icb
11:45 < landry> you know the reason why netbsd imported sqlite in base ?
11:46 < landry> they did it because a gsoc was about writing an apropos(1) storage in sqlite
11:46 < espie> wtf is the point ?
11:47 < espie> I shouldn't ask. there's no point to netbsd
XOrg icb Тхео про замену InputDevice на убогий InputClass в новых иксах:
<deraadt> Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky this is so much simpler than how Windows does it, where it JUST WORKS AUTOMATICALLY.
<deraadt> Working automatically would be so damn unintuitive for the users, of course.