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Google HR uses the TextExpander program, which populates email templates with salutations, job description links and questions. All we have to do is press two keys (mine are semicolon followed by the letter “C”). There’s also space for fill-in-the-blanks: one for the candidate’s name (“Hey Mark”) and another at the end for the day of the week (“Enjoy your Thursday!”), so the message is personal.


it's surmised by some doctors and therapists that anti-depressants can heighten the risk of suicide (this is a commonly warned-of side effect) because they actually provide the depressed patient with enough motivation to finally take action and end their life. It's a terrible and gruesome thought, bit it may not be anything intrinsically suicide-inducing with that specific medication


...консорциум, предлагающий создать ОС на базе известной в России открытой разработки ReactOS. Помимо якорного Фонда «ReactOS» в него входят компания Parallels....


Казанская икона Божией Матери замироточила в Свято-Троицком храме в селе Казачинское Красноярского края за месяц до пожаров в Хакасии

Пускай расчитывают софт на крайние случаи, это всегда полезно.

Ну, например: Вася боится, что чуть только он отвернётся от экрана, там какие-то тайные силы всё поменяют. Маша при виде неожиданно выскакивающего окна пугается и убегает. Витя не различает иконки, которые он считает уродливыми. У Тани голоса, которые подговаривают её нажимать всякие кнопки.


What is the difference between a secure facility and an insecure facility? In an insecure facility the yellow sticky notes are stuck to monitors. In a secure facility the yellow sticky notes are stuck to the bottom of the keyboard.


Microsoft is trying to stop supporting Windows XP. The problem is that a majority of ATMs still use that OS. And once Microsoft stops issuing security updates to XP, those machines will become increasingly vulnerable.

Although I have to ask the question: how many of those ATMs have been keeping up with their patches so far?