Hi, folks! I'm going to go abroad tomorrow, thus I'd be very greatful if you give some useful phrases to me. The phrases which would be helpful in the airport, taxi, bus station, etc.
And please don't send me to google, I really want to hear something from your expirience, that realy could help :)

How do you manage music in your player? I think there are two most common ways: like a flash drive, and manage music in a audio-player through the MSC (or MTP). My older brother prefers the first way, he creates folders with different music, etc. but I like the second way, I control my music by Banshee just drug'n'droping songs, or I use sync.
What way do you prefer? And why?

Купил cowon J3, повелся на хвалебные отзывы о звуке (кстати, даже не поспоришь — звучит великолепно), но управление просто пздц какой-то, завтра поеду сдавать обратно, скорее всего.

I love reading the various news such as politics, culture, IT, etc. And most of all I like to read about OpenSource and in this www.opennet.ru <opennet.ru>> and www.webupd8.org <webupd8.org> (BTW I found out about w8 quite recently so the omgubuntu is the main source of Ubuntu news).

I'm being very dissapointed by omgubuntu's policy because authors moving away from the principles of the opensource, they consider themselves to be true journalists but they can't stand constructive criticism plus as well as 80% of the articles has the one-sided point of view.

Dudes (it's the best word that discribes them) are trying to do a buisness rather than real news.

Describe your typical morning, I'll be first:
I wake up at 8 o'clock, get up at 8.10 and lazily go to the bathroom. After that I do my morning excercises till 8.30. Later on I have my breakfast, usually it's a curd with some jam and cofee or tea. And after eating I put clothes on and go to work.