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Montenegro psa карантин, день 3: полиция решила нагрянуть в кафешки из #2965403 надеюсь нас, белых людей, не штрафанут 🙏 на улицах людей вроде стало поменьше, но это не точно — я вышел позже чем обычно. вообще, ненамного скучнее чем обычно.

в качестве PSA: используйте парацетамол вместо ибупрофена, если вдруг что.
psa “I sleep in my contacts all the time and I’ve never had a problem.”

As an eye doctor, I literally hear this daily. The pictures below show a referred case from the local urgent care, a subsequently cultured pseudomonas ulcer, and are the direct result of sleeping in contact lenses. Pseudomonas (bacteria) is an important cause of ocular morbidity and its opportunistic characteristics quickly lead to permanent blindness. This will be the 4th case of cultured pseudomonas that I’ve treated in my clinic.

The bacteria explosively eats away at the patients cornea in a matter of days leaving a soupy, white necrosis (dead tissue) in its wake. I was able to start this patient on fortified antibiotic drops around the clock and recently steroids to reduce permanent scarring. While this patient’s eye continues to drastically improve from baseline, she will very likely exhibit some form of residual vision loss even after treatment.

To be very clear, I don’t ever recommend sleeping in any brand of SOFT contact lenses. The risks outweigh the benefits every time. It takes seconds to remove your contacts but a potential lifetime of irreversible damage if you choose to leave them in. People need to see these images and remind themselves/family/friends to also be aware of contact lens misuse.

psa напоминаю — завтра в интернете вас будут ОБМАНЫВАТЬ! будьте бдительны