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на самомделе sjw чертовски правы на счёт white privilege. если бы не расизм господ-клиентов, то все заказы делали бы узкоглазые филиппинцы за 5 баксов в час, а мы, белые гетеросексуальные программисты, сосали бы лапу.

7:28 AM CET, клиент: hey man, would you want @lurker to tackle the opacity? i could hire him for that so you can continue working on curves, reordering etc
10:29 AM CET, чувак: No need. I think I can handle ppacity very fast
10:33 AM CET, чувак: I'll start workin on that within 30 mins. For opacity itself I need 5-10 mins. And for opacity live changes (like rest of the adjustments) i need up to 1 hour
11:29 AM CET, чувак: I tried adding alpha value to gl_FragColor.a but nothing changed.
I tried few different approaches, but nothing changed.
11:32 AM CET, чувак: I was only able to manipulate original image opacity (original texture material), but not the rest. So, yeah, please ask @lurker for this task
11:55 AM CET, клиент: 👍
2:38 PM CET, чувак: Curve blocka reordering is almost finishee, and I think separate curves (r,g, b) will be also completed today
2:39 PM CET, клиент: 👌
3:05 PM CET, клиент: sorry for being short on answers. i’m skiing 😎

а как проходит ваш понедельник?