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попробуем написать длиинную историю с помощью talktotransformer.com ? план простой, хуячим последний абзац и комплитим по кругу. например:

I couldn't believe it. She sent me an email, telling me that she just sent me an email. And there I was, in the middle of the night, and there was no email for me. It looked like he never wrote anything at all.

I began to panic. I told her I would see her and she answered me. I didn't know what to say. Maybe when he died her husband would have gotten another email. Maybe she would have forgotten about this. It couldn't be.

I did not get an answering email and then, after the fourth email, she called me and told me that she needed some time to talk to someone. If they didn't pick up on her message by then, she would probably be disappointed (I thought maybe she was just really good at catching people snooping in the wrong time). She was able to get on with her day though — she went straight back to work. The only problem that I have with the email is that I am not sure if it was a scam email, an online deal, or a genuine message — I don't remember the person I was with, but it sure sounds like it. I was not impressed with her response, so I just left the site and have never been back. I would not trust a site like this in a pinch. Maybe they should pay more attention to your email address before sending you one. Thanks for the advice!"

A site rep responded, "We're definitely aware of your situation! When we made our decision to change the terms of your membership agreement, we looked at dozens of options to provide the best possible service to our members. We found our lowest rate option to be the best option when it comes to our premium plans. However, the decision to leave was not taken lightly by any of us involved."

The rep added, "We thank you for your willingness to speak out. We look forward to providing you a better service and continuing to make this type of service accessible and helpful to you."

While this is just the beginning of such bad treatment, it's not surprising that a few of the sites that advertise through

к сожалению, сюжет уводит сильно в сторону уже после 2-3 комплитов


и ютюбокапитализм:
YouTube announced they will stop recommending some conspiracy theories such as flat earth. I worked on the AI that promoted them by the billions.

Brian is my best friend’s in-law. After his dad died in a motorcycle accident, he became depressed. He fell down the rabbit hole of YouTube conspiracy theories, with flat earth, aliens & co. Now he does not trust anyone. He stopped working, seeing friends, and wanting kids. Brian spends most of his time watching YouTube, supported by his wife. For his parents, family and friends, his story is heartbreaking. But from the point of view of YouTube’s AI, he’s a jackpot.

We designed YT’s AI to increase the time people spend online, because it leads to more ads. The AI considers Brian as a model that should be reproduced. It takes note of every single video he watches & uses that signal to recommend it to more people


AI is currently split. There are those who are intoxicated by the success of deep learning and neural nets. They want to continue to fit curves. But when you talk to people who have done work in AI outside statistical learning, they get it immediately.