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odesk прилали инвайт на переделать сайт, посвящённый жертвам холокоста. в инвайте стандартный анкетный вопрос:
What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?
я им ответил, что когда-то делал виртуальный музей для иранских моджахедов (правда). как думаете, каковы мои шансы получить заказ?
если в кране нет воды An extraordinary documentary by an Israeli film-maker... tells of the single-minded determination of a group who called themselves The Avengers. Their plan was simple: To take the lives of six million Germans by poisoning water supplies. The film reveals that in 1946 they had gone so far as infiltrating the waterworks of Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Munich. The architect of the scheme was Abba Kovner, a survivor of the Vilnius ghetto. The Avengers may have infiltrated the waterworks but the plot had to be abandoned when Kovner was caught with a condensed milk can full of poison on a ship to Europe from Palestine and was forced to throw it overboard.
прнс немного антисемитизма из твиттера:
Shortly after Israel conquered and then occupied East Jerusalem in 1967, it completely destroyed the city's Moroccan Quarter, a neighbourhood that had existed for 700 years. Its residents were given two hours' notice before the houses were demolished.
"So suddenly came this dictate that one woman from the quarter who did not hear the calls to vacate was buried alive beneath the rubble that evening. Her body was found the next morning under the ruins of her home."
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