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кое-что о поп-короле

"Поразительным для меня было открыть, как прекрасно Майкл играет на всех музыкальных инструментах. Он садился за фортепиано, играл и пел все песни "Битлз" для нас, или садился за ударные, или играл на гитаре….. "
Пэдди Даннинг, владелец студии "Grouse Lodge", Ирландия, 2006.
К поздним альбомам Майкл указан не только в качестве вокалиста. Например:
"Morphine": drums, percussion and guitar — MJ
"Unbreakable": all musical instruments performed by MJ and Rodney Jerkins
"Break of Dawn": all musical instruments performed by MJ, Dr. Freez, Rodney Jerkins and Teddy Riley
"You rock my world": all musical instruments performed by MJ and Rodney Jerkins
"Threatened": all musical instruments played by MJ and Rodney Jerkins


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Hyäne 1 year ago
This song its about a legend from Bolivia (a latin american country) the kid is deaf and his father is bad,so the kid run away. He finds the dog, and help a old man (en the legend,a bullies were hitting him) then, both of them find a guy who was in a satanic group but he desert and "el tío" (satan,in Bolivian culture) disfigurement his face,thats why hi is cover it. They go to the cave of "el tio" and the legend said that "el tio" sing all the feelings of hate and that kind of thing,and the people get corrupted and kill each other. Its then when the old man,the dog and the guy with a mask say goodbye to the kid, so as not to get corrupted they leave. And the kid stay, because he is deaf so he cant get corrupted,and he begans to sing to "el tio" to keep him calm for the whole eternity

I am from Bolivia, in the city were this was filmed, i like this video and i wanted to share the legend with you, sorry if I have a bad english,in the best i can do :)


к текстам русских песен лучше не прислушиваться

Коляда, караселка, Коляда, красная девка
Коляда, не садись близко, Коляда, близко к дорожке
Коляда, возьмут тебя, Коляда, повезут тебя
Коляда, продадут тебя, Коляда, Коляда

Коляда, будут ехать, Коляда, купцы и боярцы
Коляда, посадят тебя, Коляда, в зелену карету
Коляда, продадут тебя, Коляда, за сто рублей
Коляда, Коляда, завтра мясо едят