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In 1980 and 1981 the song itself was in the Dutch charts for almost 10 months in a row ... 🐓+ 🪗

так вот почему все эту песню в садиках крутили, когда я туда ходил

The Chicken Dance is a well-known drinking and dancing song at American Oktoberfest events. It is also a popular dance at weddings, particularly in whose culture includes polka music. Over 140 versions have been recorded worldwide, including some that were released by Walt Disney Records, together making an estimated 40,000,000 records or more pressed.

интересно, как это сравнимо с тем, сколько заработал бэбишарк
there were also instances in which SA combat songs copied the melodies of rival Red Front Fighters songs, which were in turn based on Russian marches. An example of this is the fascist song Brüder in Zechen und Gruben ("Brothers in mines and pits"), which copied the melody of the communist Brüder, zur Sonne, zur Freiheit ("Brothers, to the sun, to freedom"), whose melody, in turn, belonged to the march Смело, товарищи, в ногу/Smelo, tovarishchi, v nogu ("Comrades, let's bravely march"), which was written in 1895/6 by Leonid Radin in Moscow's Taganka Prison.