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та страна как оказалось, полиция скорби вполне реальна
The five suspects were held in detention for three months while the FBI investigated their “jovial” behavior after the North Tower was struck by an aircraft. As the North Tower burned, witnesses saw three young men “high-fiving” each other and appearing to be celebrating the worst attack in American history.
животные та страна Bear JJ1 (2004 – 26 June 2006) ...is believed to have been the first brown bear on German soil in 170 years. Previously, the last sighting of a bear in what is now Germany was recorded in 1838 when hunters shot a bear in Bavaria. Initially heralded as a welcome visitor and a symbol of the success of endangered species reintroduction programs, his dietary preferences for sheep, chickens, and beehives led government officials to believe that he could become a threat to humans, and they ordered that he be shot or captured.

The stuffed body of JJ1 on display at the Museum of Man and Nature in Munich