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кино shipergirls 3 мая 2021
Скучный сериал, но все равно смотреть продолжаешь в надежде что что-то будет.
в оригинале про Fear the Walking Dead, но по сути относится к 50% сериалов
кино When the monster Godzilla, or “Gojira,” appeared before Japanese movie audiences in 1954, many left the theaters in tears.

The fictional creature, a giant dinosaur once undisturbed in the ocean, was depicted in the original film as having been aggravated by a hydrogen bomb. Its heavily furrowed skin or scales were imagined to resemble the keloid scars of survivors of the two atomic bombs that the U.S. dropped on Japan nine years earlier to end World War II.

American audiences, however, had the opposite reaction, finding comedic value in what many interpreted as a cheesy monster movie.

“Most Americans think if you left the movie in tears, it was just because you laughed so hard,” William Tsutsui, author of “Godzilla on My Mind: Fifty Years of the King of Monsters,” told NBC Asian America.

The stark contrast reflects how Hollywood took the Japanese concept and scrubbed it of its political message before presenting it to American audiences to deflect from the U.S. decision to drop the bombs, critics say.
кино по итогам двух с половиной серий "обломки" — бессистемная хуйня, где каждую серию свойства очередного обломка сочиняются на ходу, и никак не связаны с предыдущими. в итоге вместо связной истории какая-то антология