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кароч, у меня неделя французского апокалиптического кинца. начал с Dans la brume (вариация на тему The Girl with All the Gifts, если кратко), теперь вот качаю La nuit a dévoré le monde

Ferg Furious 3 months ago
I remember seeing this movie, and this scene in particular in the theatre back in 96. It was a pretty rowdy crowd at the movies that night until Salma came out and started dancing, then the entire audience immediately shut up, you could have heard a pin drop in that theatre. Let me tell you man, everyone in that theatre looked exactly like everyone in the cast. It's like the whole damn audience was hypnotized.

бесконечность полностью оправдал предварительные ожидания. но идти надо как минимум под пивом, так как довольно много времени нихуя не происходит