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животные The Turtle Head Immobilization System (THIS) is a small-handled plunger (Fig. 2). THIS is placed over the turtle’s head and held in place by the handle. Mild force is applied to the plunger to hold the turtle’s head. With the tool in place and the head covered, the turtles are far less aggressive. The tool prevents them from being able to snap at the persons attempting to process them, making the overall process much safer and faster. To test the effectiveness of THIS, we timed the processing of nine Snapping Turtles…. Use of the THIS resulted in statistically quicker, far safer (turtle is incapable of striking when its head is within the plunger), and easier processing of these cantankerous turtles.


Munscher, E. C., Butterfield, B. P., Carstairs, S., Dupuis-Désormeaux, M., Munscher, J., Osborne, W., & Hauge, B. (2015). The Turtle Head Immobilization System (THIS): A Tool for Faster and Safer Handling and Processing of Aggressive Turtle Species. Reptiles & Amphibians, 22(4), 173–177.